Assigning Color Preset to fixtures fail



after start of MPC i can select a fixture, asign a color preset and store it to a cuelist.
If i don’t have selected a fixture and use a color preset i can’t assign color presets to the fixtures again if i select an fixture and use a color preset.
After a restart of MPC everything works fine again.
Has any one a solution how to assign color presets to a fixture again without restart?

Regards Mario


I have tried to reconstruct your problem.

But I do not get this problem

Which version of m-pc do you use?

Greetz Daan



it’s the newest release Version.
But yesterday evening i figured out that it is not a color preset problem.
After about 20minutes the M-PC stucks.
No new cue could be startet, the faders are not working and the view could not be changed with the sidebar.
After a M-PC restart everything works fine for about 20 minutes and M-PC get stuck again.
While stucking changing a cue by playback button only changes the background color of the playback button.
I was glad to have a backup PC that solved the problem for the Show.

Regards Mario


hey there i just wanted too clarify something. in regards to this did you transfer your file over into a new pc, or did you have a back up file of your show? would like to have some info. thank you.