Change time code frame rate


The software is recognize any time code frame rate but it work on 30 fps.
So if i work in 25fps the software will recognize it but when i want to edit the time code ,like add 5 frames to each cue the calculation will be regarding 30 fps and not 25 fps.
Do you have any suggestion how to fix it or will be option to change the frame rate of the software?


Hi Lior,

I agree this can be an issue, as the Internal TC calculate 30 FPS, but real world TC may be different frame rate, and as far as I know, the software does not recalculate the programmed TC (that were done via Internal TC), to the real world (e.g LTC) TC frame rate…

I’m also interested, to hear some feedback about this issue


This has been causing me nothing but headaches all week. There is no easy way to add or subtract frames from 500 cues if you are in a PAL part of the world.

Is this something likely to get resolved?


Are you aware you can shift TC over any range, using +/- keys?


That is what he is trying to say Ofer.
I’ve adressed this issue a couple of years ago.

Let’s say the time is and you’ll do - 5 frames, you’ll get instead of when you are running 25 fps.

So if you have 500 cues and you need to apply an offset, this is a big pain. Cause you have to do a -10 on these cue’s only.


Agreed, Stephan

The Internal TC frame rate should configurable