DMX or ArtNet In nor working?


Trying to use MPC for control of house lights in a venue…works great.
I’m now stuck with attempting to map Universes 2, 3, 4 as inputs merging to Universe 1 output.
They have DMX inputs on the wall for outside lighting people to plug in and take control of the house lights and skyhooks.
I’ve done config using 2-4 as input on the Elation Enode4, get nothing.
I’ve done config using M-DMX as input universe 2 and 3…I see 100fps on the input, but it still doesn’t merge or show any data on the dmx In views or affect the lights in the room.

What Am I Missing?
Enode 1 is set for output…works fine…ENode is, everything else is in the range

Enode 2-4 are set as input
M-DMX set for Input Universe 2-3.
Routing POrt 2-4 set as universes 2-4 using either MDMX or Enode (I tried both get 100fps using MDMX, nothing on ENode)
Merge tab has Universe 2, 3, and 4 merge to Universe 1 Start ch 1 End Ch 512 all enabled


I’m still waiting on an answer from Elation, but I have not been able to get the Enode to work as an “input device” into a console. I’m under the impression, that the Enode input feature is only for use as a “splitter” or “merger” as a stand alone feature, not in a networked environment.

How many DMX wall inputs are there? Could you send MPC to the Enode and merge that with 2 wall inputs and then use 1 main output off of the Enode?

Otherwise, it sounds like all is configured correctly. Maybe some screen shots for clarity?

Sorry I can’t be of more help,