Filter Group Presets


Is there a way to filter Group Presets?
I am doing a event in a ball room and and have control over the house lights I have divided the room by room name and also Divided the room by down can and chandeliers. I want to select center room and only want control the chandeliers in those room,
I have tried selecting the rooms then selecting chandeliers but I get all the chandeliers not just the rooms I want.


If you don’t have split the chandelier group, that should not be possible.

You can remove a sub group from a more global group, but as far as I know not the invert (group intersection)


OK playing around a little more if i think of this backwards I can make it work
Select all the chandeliers then hold clear and then clear all the other rooms I do not want to control over then it is doing what I want.
This works but to me there is a lot of extra button pushes there are 10 rooms to this ballroom so when I only want to control the one room I need to clear 9 rooms.
if some one thinks of another way to do this lit me know


Does clear group 1 through 3 (if it is you room) works?



You could try laying it out in the 2d Plan View and then selecting just the ones you need. Or you could lay it out in a grid type view. Here’s a quick picture and a show file for an example.


Ballroom Test_2018-07-15_1757_Build_3_60_734_733.Maxxyz (1.3 MB)

You get the idea.

Hope this helps,



Hello Matt,

Taking into account the unique M-Series selection method (toggle), your request is quite easy to accomplish

  • Set groups, per each fixture type (e.g. All chandeliers, All PAR Cans, etc…)
  • Set an additional 10 groups, for all fixtures in each room

Now, to select Room 1 Chandeliers

  • Click Room 1 group
  • Click the _Minus key
  • Right click the Group key
  • Click the unwanted fixture type groups
  • Click the Group key, to unlock

Can also be done, via command line, or combination, between screen and command line:

  • Click Room 1 group
  • Now type: Minus group 21+ 23 Thru 24, Enter (fixture type groups)



this is a great idea about the grid and is normally what I do, but this time there is a lot more rooms involved + all the other lights for the show (over 100 fixture not counting house lights). in the 10 rooms we have down cans, Cove lights, Door lights, Wall Sconce, Picture frame, and Chandelier. So this grid is 10 x 6 (60 groups) now add the 12 other style of lights I have broken down by stage left truss, stage right truss, up stage truss, center stage truss, and down stage truss that give me another 12 x 5 grid (60 groups)
8 hours of programming for a 1 hour show I was just trying to speed things up
I guess that is what make shows like this fun

Thanks every one for your suggestions