Follow spot


Hi, I just wanted to know, about follow spot, how to programme it in the mpc software, currently am making a person to walk across the stage and programming the pantilt manually, but I wanted the software to recognize the movement of the person and light has to move automatically, will there be any option for, kindly suggest


Also kindly mention contact number of the technical person in case I want to contact


There are a few different ways to accomplish this. First off, ONYX at this point, will not be able to do it “automatically” without another software integration like BlackTrax or Spotrack (or even Martin Lighting Director if you could even find it still). A solution like this will have a pretty big cost associated with it. Depending on your needs, you could look at something like a remote follow spot operator through a software like Follow-Me. Something like this will still involve a human operator and again, some dmx merging, and cost.

What you have started with is a good start and just takes some time to program. However, there is still another option. This is where the Q-Blender option on an Overide cuelist can be very helpful.

Please take a look at this post. Read it all the way through and watch the video. The video will explain more than you need, but use it’s concept to create a few preset position and you should be good.

Hope this helps,



Glad to see my post referenced here! What Watson said is spot on, but I’ll chime in a little regarding using a cuelist.

I haven’t looked into using any external software to automatically track a person, so I can’t give any input on that, but I have successfully done what you are trying to do with a cuelist.

Basically, I had a person walk to the leftmost part of the stage, moved the lights, and set up a cue at that position. Then made a person move a little bit to the right, moved the lights on the person again, and added another cue on top of our first one. We repeated this process several times (our stage is more rounded, so we had to make a total of 10 of these). Afterwards, all we had to do was enable Q-Blender and then move the fader to our desired position. While this method isn’t automatic (as in someone will need to control the fader), it still worked great for us and required no additional software, which was a big plus.

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions let me know!