Getting external MTC into M-PC via BCF2000 ?


Hi all,

I have a BCF2000 connected to my M-PC Laptop, works great with M-PCtools and now I am toying with the idea of synching ques to music tracks.
I have a separate laptop for playing the music tracks and also outputting MTC. Player is Timelord. Midi interface is Roland’s Edirol UM-1EX.

The UM-1EX is connected to the Midi ports of the BCF2000 and the indicator on the BCF2000 shows the live Midi connection and the incoming MTC (when sent from Timelord) but it is not passing it to M-PC or it is not seen by M-PC.

Doe anyone have a similar setup that is passing external MTC to M-PC through the BCF2000 and can share some advice?