How to get independent programming with networked consoles?


When we go out and do big shows we like to network our M2-Go with our Surface pro / M-Touch so that we can have multiple operators to split up the workload of busking for larger electronic music festivals. However… we’ve been getting kinda frustrated that the two consoles share a programmer section. It has happened a few times where somebody was programming a cue and the other operator inadvertently pushed something into the programmer unbeknownst to the other individual making the cue, which ends up screwing things up. We’ve ended up having to coordinate and designate one board for programming and one just for playbacks so that they don’t step on eachothers toes. Is there any way to get around this and have two martin consoles controlling the same show with independent programmers? I know it would be possible to achieve this by not networking them and instead using a dmx merger but it ends up being a pain in the butt because they end up having wildly different show files, instead of sharing one identical show file with all the goods on it.


Hello Joe,

Multi User is not yet supported.

It is a well known issue, and as far as I know, has high priority on the To Do list


I’d like to see Multi-User / Programming also. So looking forward to the day it’s released. Until then, like Joe, we just have to designate consoles.


With M-Series now under Elation, I’d like to just make sure this feature suggestion is still high on the priority list. Definitely looking forward to the release where 2 users can be programming the same show file at the same time. Take it a step farther and let them be running different versions, but start with 2 independent programmers on the same show first.

Thanks for the consideration,



I often do gigs as a duo

2 person programming, combined with show file merging features… would really speed up our workflow!