Independent Speed Masters for chases/fx assignable to faders or buttons


Hi there,

It would be great and useful if there was the ability to have Independent Speed Masters for chases/fx assignable to faders or buttons.



there’s some tutorials that howto do that on faders.


Perhaps your contribution is lost in translation. Overrides and Cue Blender option in overrides, which combines multiple cues in a cuelist as partitionable speed controls within a fader. Is it something other than an Override or Cue Blender which you have in mind? In order to master multiple faders with one fader requires a trick, that of using an Artnet loopback via the Microsoft KM-Test virtual port and DMX In. Using DMX In via Artnet Out allows a single fader to control other faders. An inhibitor fader can be used to proportionately control other intensities, which are not really intensities but other types of faders via loopback.


Hi there ,

What I mean is:

I want to be able to assign a fader (eg Fader 10) as a speed master in order to control the speed of an individual Effect or a group of Effects no matter if they are programmed as Presets only or if they are also included in a cue or multiple cues and as a result to control the speed of the exact fx and not the speed of every fx. In order to be more clear I just want to have the ability to control at the same time “manually” the Speed of different fx to whom I have the ability to assign what Speed master will control each fx and also to have the ability to assign any of these speed masters to any of the available faders.



Do you mean to record only the FX Speed of said parameter for said group of fixtures as an Override or Q-Blender Override?

Otherwise, it sounds like a feature request.


To build FX Speed for certain effects create an Override Fader.
Just record the maximum FX Speed you want as it.
Pls have a look on this: