Installation Error with Window 10



Hi, sorry for the repeated post since I have seen a few quite similar. I have successfully installed this software on a few computers before but recently I just got a new laptop and wanted to install the M-PC software and ran into an error.

This is what happens when I install and this is the version of V3.70.885.0.SetupMSeries I installed and just for to see if it is because of this version I have even downloaded other version to try and still the same thing.

I have read a few of the similar topic and tried to use the clean tool to clean off what was installed but even that gives me an error.

I am not sure is it because of the version of windows 10 that I have or is there something missing on my brand new laptop because I have successfully installed the software on other windows 10 before too.

this my computer specs.

Please help because I really want and use the software.



We’ve seen some Lenovo and HP Windows 10 Systems were certain items are disabled or even corrupt.

If you use the refresh tool you will actually get more a factory version of Win10


Hi Matthias, thanks for the reply but is this the only way? The computer is brand new and I don’t really want to reinstall windows. If I do that and it doesn’t work then I will loose other apps as well. But if this is the only way then I will give it a shot.


Hi, the windows reset take around 20 to 40 minutes to do.

Get it back working with this :slight_smile:


Ok so I think there is definitely something wrong with this installation of windows on my computer. I tried running the refresher tool and that is also giving me an error. I am going to contact Microsoft first and see if I can do something about that first and maybe try recovery.