LJ Faders


Hi There,

I’m looking for the LJ Faders Files - Can’t find it at the www.

Is there someone who got the Files on his PC? Please PN for mail or load it up somewhere :slight_smile:

Thank you.


Its all on our file archive: https://martinprofessional.box.com/s/i464od7gztjo1otnzr36mrgnyfru9i8o


hello ,
i need help with a link for lj faders … I can not find it anywhere…

please ! ")


I bought an akai apc40 and from what I have to communicate with lj2 through lj faeders … i searched all the martin forum and all the links on google and i did not find this file …
please be nice if you help him.
thank you beautifully and wait you may find it.
have a good day




Thanks for the prompt response and for the Files !

good work !
good luck!