M-Play Playbacks Lit up


Hi, so i am using a bank of playbacks on the m-play on the 2 buttons on the right, i have a base look set and the rest is only color value cues, yet some buttons stay lit after i’ve switched to a new color cue, what is the best method of either editing my cues or a setting so that only the latest triggered color cue is on on the button LED on the M-play? Thanks!


I’m sorry, that’s certainly due to my English level, but I don’t understand what you want to do/know =/


OK so the 24 playbacks on the right side of the M-Play contain my base look for my show and all of my Color cues, as i go from color to color some of the buttons are still lit up on the M-Play, i want them to clear the last one as i go from color to color cue, i tried Release on next go, but that won’t work as i have other cues spread out on the main playbacks for position and gobo etc, make sense now?


You want to have auto-release cuelist?

For that, 2 solutions:

  1. Use exactly the same parameter in all your color cuelist (like this, the LTP mode will automatically release previous cuelist)

  2. Or set macro function to release all other color cuelist

My preferred solution will be the first one, of course !


It’s weird i only used my presets for my color so maybe i have conflicting stuff in my presets?
I’ll go digging in cuelists values… Thanks!