MOVE command not working...


I am sure it is my lack of experience but for some reason my MOVE command won’t work.

I created a new page with GROUPS one on half and FIXTURES on the other so I can build my groups.
I saved the view to an empty slot on the sidebar to the left.

I created some groups. When I click a group then the move button on the command keypad pop up window, then click on an empty group button…nothing happens.
When I click on the MOVE button, then the group I want to move, then the empty location I want to move it to…nothing.

command line reads " MOVE Group User 3 @ 2 " but it doesn’t move.

Any ideas?
thanks in advance


An uninstall and reinstall fixed this.

However the shows I created today give me an error saying they were created with a newer version of the software and they couldn’t be opened.
I don’t know how that is possible. I wasn’t using a beta.