MPCtools on Martin M1


Hey guys!

I have a quick question about running MPCtools on a Martin M1 - is there a way to run it…? The M1 doesn’t really “support” going into Windows mode and also uses an embedded version of Windows - so is there a way of installing it onto the M1?



I think someone else will probably jump in and confirm this but I believe from previous posts that you have to run it on another computer and join the show.



Additional software install, is prohibited, on any Martin consoles

Simply network a laptop to your console, and run MPC Tools on that laptop



I know there was an option of opening Command Prompt in earlier versions of the console software, and from there you could launch Explorer.exe, basically letting you use the system just like any other computer (albeit running Windows Embedded).


That does not mean you are allowed to install 3rd party apps…


Why not have an “at your own risk policy”? IMO, innovation should be encouraged not discouraged. After all, we are adults. The patronizing attitude in tech. (art) towards the end user will eventually cease.

Okay, so what if we were children and needed rules about what to do with our stuff? Even for children, the fewer rules that exist the better. Conscience is the ultimate source of rules. We can’t be that for others. When an issue comes up which their own reason won’t answer then a rule can provide boundaries. But if their common sense keeps them in line then all the more power to them.

For example:

“Don’t run with scissors.” That rule makes sense for children.

As adults working with lighting though, we may run with scissors to go cut some gel because we are in a hurry.

It’s like being talked down to by another adult, which is totally unnecessary. What do you mean, “don’t tinker with it?” It’s off putting.

Did you read about John Deer & GM and ownership in the news?


Its your own console. You can do whatever you like with it…

Martin obviously does not support any such additional installs

Wireless adapter on M1