My fixtures stopped responding in the middle of a show, while the console and software were working


Two weeks ago, while I was running a show using, M2PC console and mpc software, suddenly the lights stopped responding to the software, the cue was running still and all faders up and the yellow lights under every fader was blinking, Grand Master is full, DMX signal is intact and all other connections to movinheads are HOT, but the lights stopped responding, immediately I shut down the software and restarted again but there was no response, I disconnected all connections to console and reconnected again and there was no response, switched off power to all my fixtures and restared again still they dint respond, after 8min and 30sec of struggle and darkness in the hall, I tried loading previous days show instead of that days show, and all fixtures responded and show continued… And at the end of the day I rechecked with that days show instead of yesterday’s show, this time all fixtures responded normally, there was no error in my windows pc, can anybody suggest what went wrong? If the same thing repeats I will be helpless again…


This is an interesting problem. While I can not suggest what went wrong, I can suggest searching “DMX Output” in the forums and looking at some of the post. See if any of them are similar to what you experienced. Some thoughts could be a loose internal connection, voltage on the dmx lines putting the board into protect mode, faulty cable?

If it does happen again (and I hope it doesn’t) try to make note of all things going on around the board. Could you be “taxing” the system hard and the CPU / Memory need to catch up? Again, just thoughts, to help find a cause.



Thanks for the response, I found there was no problem with cpu and cables, but as you suggest let me go through DMX output in the forum and get back, thanks