new fixtures on Maxxyz


Hy to all,
I am not sure that this is the right section for posting this …
I am new in the forum and I hope some of you can help me solve my problem ( of the last three days).

I have a Maxyyz + and I have bouht some china moving heads (some beam 200 with other channels than clay paky sharpy).
I can create the .fixture file with MPC (I hope I am right…) but then… how can I put it in the maxxyz library?
I realy hope someone can help me.

Thank you so much,


Fixture Library is backward compatible. It can be installed on older software versions
export the fixture you made then TOOLS menu in the software of the Maxxyz


thank you very much for your answear… I am new with maxyyz… so I don’t understand one thing. can I load in the .fixture file (created on my laptop with M-PC and saved on a usb drive) into the Tools-update management- update fixture library of maxxyz or must it be a .exe file?

Is there a way to create fixtures direct on maxxyz without an extra computer too?

thank you so much


If my I remember correctly yes there is
it was found in the main menu in the system tab
I had 2 Maxxyz+ and remember make fixture profile on them


Thank you very much.
I will try to search there but i what I remember i couldn’t find it there…


I have searched on the maxxyz console, in the program… but nothing to find in it…
Can you remember if it was in the program itself or if I must access to Windows XP and then in the programs somwhere…
Thank you


It was the board


If I recall correctly…it should be under the menu / show / info navigation. Then under the show info tab at the bottom, it should be in the main screen area under patch tasks…Fixture Library Editor.

I’ll try to double check tomorrow when I’m in front of my Maxxyz Compact.

Hope this helps,



You can also search the Fixtures Finder @nline Tool ( that was made by @Sylvain_Guiblain. You might find a generic match already in your library. If not, you can also submit a request for the new head using the request form on the Controller Support website (

Again, hope this helps,



Thank you I Will try tomorrow and let you know.


Hy Watson,
thank you very much for the answear.

I have the full not compact serie but I Will try there too tomorrow.
For the fixture finder i will try it.
About fixture request form it is fine but what model of M-serie should i choose in the request form for getting the righht file compatible on Maxxyz from elation? do you know that?

thank you


What version are you running? In the menu / system / about you should find it. If I recall, the Maxxyz could go to Ver 2.92. Also, fixture libraries are “backwards” compatible. So it shouldn’t matter. You should be able to request a “M-PC” profile. I’m not 100% for sure on that, but @Ofer_Brum would know best as he builds most of the profile request. He is very responsive when provided with all the proper documentation. With that said, we will know more later today when they “Launch” the new look and rebranding of the M-Series.


Fixture Library is backward compatible. It can be installed on older software versions


Thank you so much, i will have access to the Maxxyz only on Friday and I will let you know.
Midwhile, thank you very much for interesting in solving the problem!!


Thank you matt!
On friday I will try and let you know!!
Thank you for interesting and giving me your help!!



yes i installed it on maxxyz and all new fixtures are now available in it!! Thank you very much.



it is version 2.8 The library is ok, I have installed it and there is all OK.