ONYX not sending output to Enttec ODE MK2 - ArtNet


Hello everyone,
I have a Enttec ODE MK2 artnet box, connected to the same network, same switch as my Windows 10 Laptop. I can use the web browser to connect to the Enttec device, I see that it is configured for ArtNet, Unit1 (so Universe is 1).

I have Onyx installed on my laptop, and it does not see the Enttec Artnet box.

If I override the defaults in Onyx, and point it to the IP of the Enttec box, I can see it talking to it. The Enttec web interface shows my Laptop IP connected to it, and sending packets to it,

If I select a fixture, and bring its intensity to 100%, I can see it in the programmer, but nothing happens. If I look at the Enttec Web interface, and look at the DMX data, it shows 0 on every DMX channel.

I am sure I am just doing something wrong, but not sure what else to do… Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!


try to set the enttec to subnet 0, universe 0


Thank you for the reply, I did try Universe 0, as well as setting the box to static IP. Also changed it to use sACN. Nothing seems to work.

I do have a different application that runs on an iPad, if I use it, it discovers the Enttec via Art-Net, and it able to control the lights.

The Enttec was running firmware 3.8, I saw 3.9 on their website, and updated it. But that has not made a difference.


It requires a 2.x IP address. Simply set the PC Ethernet to " EtherDMX" and the box to Subnet


This worked perfectly! Gave my Enttec a IP with a subnet and wammo, ONYX found it and light control is working. Thank you for your help Matthias!