Onyx remote


Good afternoon

Anyone know the name off the onyx remote on the App store?

I cant seem to find it



It’s currently still under the M-Series remote name. Search for “M-Series Remote” and it should show up.

They are still in the process of rebranding the app.

Hope this helps,



anyone know if they are planning on doing any revamping of the app?? cause honestly it kinda sucks with the current layout


Try TouchOSC instead. Can download layout here https://obsidiancontrol.box.com/s/0aoyb62r6jruiz5120pd


I’m going to check it out now, I was working on someone else’s version but the problem was the playback buttons didn’t transfer the name given to each button in mpc to the touchOSC app on iPad… hopefully that works here =) ill let ya know!


Does not transfer, but you can relabel buttons via TouchOSC Editor


ugh thats rough on a gig to gig basis, I need something that transfers the names I put


Does it need to be wireless, If not M series manager would fill that void (with auto naming) Along with a handful of other customizable functions


Another option is a laptop or tablet running in slave mode on a networked show wirelessly. Sync banks, programmer, and selected cuelist if you like. You’ll have full control.



Yeah, def! If you have a tablet that’s operated via Windows, like a Microsoft Surface, that would be ultimate