Release 3.70.885


The release 3.70 is completed.

It includes a new training file and newly designed default layouts.
This release works on the current OS and can be installed over previous releases. Make sure to check the console firmwares after install. A document is linked on the download page and also on the USB image for the OS.

Have fun and thanks to all for the great feedback!


Release notes for Martin M-Series
© 2017 - Martin Professional ApS

Introduction video

3.70 (28/04/2017)

This update can be installed on: M1, M2GO, M6, M2GO HD, M1 HD and Windows 7,10 PC
Includes Fixture Library 06-April-2017
Includes M-Series Manager
Added support for M1 HD and M2GO HD
Removed support for Maxxyz Compact
Updated Firmware for Frontpanel, USB DMX, Timecode and Midi PCB (see firmware document) to support faster USB communication
Added support for Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1703)

New Features

M-Series 3.70 introduces a completely redesigned display and view managment to improve workflow and speed.
Older views are not converted and need to be redesigned in the new system. Default views are inlcuded for import into any show.


Screen: The actual monitor. This can be a single touch, multi touch or non touch screen. The position and resolution can be changed.
Sidebar: A small strip on the left or right edge of a screen
Toolbar: A small bar shown at the top edge of a screen
Layout: Arrangement of docking spaces (3 columns, 4 boxes etc)
Window: Contains the content (like presets, groups, clock, etc…).
View: Arrangment of layouts and windows placed in them. With this you can change the content on one or multiple screens at once.
View directory: A collection of all views within a show. A show has only one directory that is shared in a network environment.
Workspaces: The screen sidebar show the content of one workspace. It is a mixture of views and function assignments
Workspace Browser: The user can switch workspaces to get another set of assignments in the screen sidebar. Workspaces can be added, copied, moved and deleted.

New View System

  • All views work across consoles and M-PC
  • Views can be stored single screen to work on any display or for multiple screens to recall views to specific displays
  • Views are proportional areas that expand or collapse on different screen sizes
  • Edit View Toolbar allows saving, resizing, deleting of windows
  • Views are stored in a directory
  • Saved Views are shared across Maxnet
  • Any Window can be temporarily maximized across the desktop or the entire display with the expand icon on the toolbar
  • Sidebar can be shown or hidden as needed

Workspace Concept
All assignments of items to the sidebars, Function Keys are stored in a workspace. Examples could be Compose, Playback, DJ, HighDefinition, M-PC Views etc.

  • Workspaces can be quickly toggled from icon dropdown menu
  • Workspaces Editor allows add, copy, rename and sort
  • Launcher allows to temporary open any window panel or view without the need to program or assign it

Sidebar and function key editor

  • Sidebar is customizable for views and function keys
  • Some Windows can be opened as popouts (e.g. Grouping Tools)
  • Sidebar supports commands, groups, presets and other items to be assigned.
  • Edit + click button or right click menu to edit function
  • Assigned Views show a * when any change was done. Double tap to restore saved content

Display Management

  • supports up to 8 physical or virtual displays
  • display position wizard
  • customizations of toolbar icons per display possible
  • Sidebars, Playback Status and Encoder Bars can be activated per display
  • Display Settings are stored in the workspaces


Hold HIGHLIGHT for fast access to Default/Highlight/Park settings
Window Options to set rows, columns and font sizes
New Image Panel View and resource browser in Menu
USB Driver system replaced
Artnet multimode devices support improved
Groups with block/divide/mirror masks sometimes cause crashes or hangs
Functions Keys on PC mapped to console Function Keys
Group with divide by mask is not updated correctly after fixture delete
[GROUP][.][ENTER] can crash software
Blink and Flash states for F-Keys
Fan after invert mask corrupts programmer
License request saving fails with “Operation Failed”
Multi select support for deleting groups with the UI
Color option are now per window placement, not global
2D Plan settings are stored with views
2D Plan shows on any display
Various fixes to Library Editor
F-key and keypad modes fixed on M-Play
Added “Reset to First Cue” function to Override
New cue macro for deselect Main or Current selected cuelist
M-Play feedback panel has fixed grid
Added F-Key for sACN enable/disable
Active Cuelist filter causes wrong cuelist to be deleted
Fixed bug relating to function assignments access
Merging into a group keeps the highlight color
User Interface speed optimizations


Just want to clarify before attempting the update on one of our concerts. The release notes specifically mention M2GO HD but not M2GO. Any reason I shouldn’t attempt a software update on an M2GO running the previous release (3.60.734)?

EDIT: Also want to clarify that the regular M2GO does not require an additional firmware update? I only see M2GO HD, M6, and M1 listed on the firmware documents page listed on the download page.


The note simply means it adds support for the HD consoles, of course its supported by all M-Series desks.
Maxxyz Compact was removed.

closed #7


M2GO does require a Firmware update, Tom

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #9