Screen Beeping when touched


Running an old console with martin version 3.42.570.0, rookie op started the console up now everytime the screen is touched the console beeps, is there an easy way to turn this off?



Console is Maxxyz Compact with martin Software not ONYX.


Hey Guys…

Couple of questions…
Is there an external touch screen connected?
Is the beeping coming from the built in / internal cerebrum module or the external screen?
If external screen…Have you tried starting up without it connected? And then reconnecting?

I had touch screens beeping on Elo monitors (running on PC) after an update once. Had to update the Elo driver and change the Elo config to not beep.

There might be a similar setting in the BIOS of the compact. Please check with @Matthias or @ControllerSupport first before changing something.

Hope this helps,



You need to find and disable the ELO driver beep setting.


To get it to it you need to open the command prompt, and type EXPLORER, then find the control panel. There is an ELO entry there.