Searched but couldn't find how to record preset that overwrites all parameters



I own a venue where we have inexperienced people run lights often.

I would like to use the FRAMING preset screen to record complete stage looks on each button.
I would program these and set them up as a fail safe when someone doesn’t understand how to use the presets to build looks.
Also it will provide bulletproof escapes for operators who get lost in a show and need to get back to an acceptable stage look.

So, if I set up my washes at green 50% and my pinspots at red 75% and my small movers on a pan swing with colorwheel slow ccw and stars gobo and my big movers spread out to foot of stage with fast rotate on bubbles gobo in orange…or whatever other look I create…how can I record this onto a Framing Preset so that when the button is pressed the entire stage reverts to this look.
No tracking hold overs. No highest value priority.

Need these buttons to completely change every aspect of the stage.

I have tried altering the record options but always get inconsistent results…

thanks a ton.

I also think I should be using CUEs but I would like to see if I can do it this way.



I would suggest using cues on playback buttons. You could have a “Release” cue that has a macro to release all cuelist after a “Clear Clear” is pressed. Then you could have your specific looks as other cues on different buttons.

When you use presets, I’m guessing the hangup is that you have to select the lights first.

With cues, you can “load load” the values in for the specific look and it will always be the same. Also, this can now be the starting point again for selecting lights and applying presets after clearing the programmer from someone who gets lost. But the cue will also be there.

Hope this helps,



So I have started working with cues.

I am still not understanding how to do this.
I have created 5 complete stage looks.
When I start from a CLEAR CLEAR state, I can click each cue and hit GO ARROW and cycle from each complete look in any order I choose by GO ARROW on each cue. This is the functionality I am looking for.
I achieved this by unchecking every general option on each cue except RELEASE ON NEXT GO.
I also set the priority to 100 and the release to 0.5s to make the changes quick.

The problem is that any preexisting stage look will over-ride these cues. So it really isn’t doing what I am seeking.

Right or wrong, Best Practices and industry standards aside, regardless of how the program is intended to be used…Can anyone give me any help in creating presets, or cues, or whatever else that will allow a user to click a button and recall a stage look that overrides all previous fixture parameters?

I read something about a button called WHOLE FIXTURE which would load all parameter values of a fixture, but can not find it while sitting in front of the machine.

Does anyone have a workflow or possible workflow that I can try to create these OVERWRITE ALL buttons?

Thanks for your time in advance


start with nothing running or outputting
make you stage looking the way you want
then do dot dot enter
then load on pup up menu select {BASE}, {FX}, {TIME} then enter
then record as override

when you bring up the over ride it will only bring up that stage look you created and turn everything else off
when you bring down the over ride it will restore to you last look

If you want to make it a Cue List then set to higher Priority then any other cue list and set it for DOWN + REL in the Options for Cuelist and under Function Assignment. It looks like you know how to do this all-ready


our doors are in 5 min.
I am out of town for a week starting tomorrow.

thanks for you help so much.
I will revisit this as soon as I return.

thanks again



While this will override any cues that are currently active, how does this override any “live” parameters in the programmer? I don’t see any options that also block the programmer. Unless a “clear clear” is pressed first.



It’s not possible to override the programmer.

Maybe what’s works for you. You can try to use the preview button on the keypad