Submaster firmware


trying to update the firmware on my Submaster Module and I keep getting a error

When I first plug it in i got this massage

I then update the USB firmware on everything that need updating turn off and back on then went to do the IIC firmware and everything was going fine, but when I when to do the F08AH module I get this message

I no longer get the old firmware detected message but I still see old firmware
What should I do


Hi Matt,

To me it sounds like you have one of the original Submaster wings that has the one key and the DMX outputs on the back. If this is the model you have then you are going to need to buy the PCKit from Martin or Elation. Then pull the wing apart and flash the boards individually. I have had the same issue several times which I reported and I now travel my PCKit with me. You will have to do this every time there is a firmware update on the wing until they fix the problem. I have both a new and old one on the job and it only every happens on the old wing the new one works fine every time.

I will send you a PM with the files and steps you need to take.





You are correct this is a older Submaster wing with DMX outputs
I am a Elation Dealer so I can order the Kit but do you have a part# for it look in my Price list and can not find PCKit in there


not sure what Steve is talking about…I own a MX Module Submaster with built in One Key license, and no problems updating firmware without “PC Kit” ¯_(ツ)_/¯


so any idea on why I am getting error massage or how to update my Submaster Module


Sometimes the firmware does not flash correctly and the only way to correct it is to force the firmware to the device. I have had this happen a few times and bought a PCKit and it solved the problem every time. I do not think its as much device specific as just a hiccup in updating the firmware.

I am actually selling one on eBay if you are interested.


so can some one confirm I need to do this the one Chris has is not a Martin or Elation and can get the same item at new egg for $20.00±+Circuit+Protection-_-9SIADU75TV4963&gclid=CjwKCAjwsJ3ZBRBJEiwAtuvtlLkoeWZiGZkw_a7LKRhwrKYL_GQswd7qJfykeBLeZY2IqQBYm3_2XRoC5h0QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
compared to the $200.00 that Chris wants on e-bay


he lowered the price to $150… Maybe he thought the 1000% mark up seemed a bit high haha


The pin configuration/connector for the $20 is not the same. I bought this direct from Martin at the time for over $300. Not sure why its so expensive and never got an explanation. I did lower the price but as it says on the auction make me an offer.


would love to hear a response from a moderator why this is needed? Zero mention of PC Kit, PicKit…etc in Controller Support search, or M Series Forum search…


Hi Sylas,

The reason for need it is to flash the eeproms with the firmware otherwise the device is nothing but a paper weight. I have 3 of the Submaster Max Modules, 2 of them are the other version and 1 is the newer style. The last two firmware updates on the older version have both failed the firmware and the only way to get them work is to do this procedure with the PCKit.

I can also say that I paid over 200USD for my PCKit via Martin.




I also own a MX Submaster Module (2011)…did I get lucky with firmware update?


Hi Sylas,

Maybe you did, you could even have a different version PCB in your one. I would have to check the serial numbers on all of mine. I also have a playback series 1, a programming wing, and 2 x M2PC wings and none of them except the two older Submasters have ever failed the upgrade. I know it has been reported as a problem when I found it and also Martin in Singapore had come across the problem also. It was them who helped me fix mine.




interesting, thanks for the additional info


Thank you all for the information
I will keep you updated on this problem and let you know what I find out


We have these uploaders available. I will reach out to Matt to sort him out.


Here is the information on the uploader cable.