using the group and preset


Hi to all, when using the group feature like selecting group, pressing the relative palette,M-series activates all fixture with that palette,after I havew finished doing what I need and want to select another palette using the group and pressing another palette it won’t select the relative fixtures.
Is this a bug ? or I can use only one feature at a time?
Thank you!


Palette is not a selection tool, like Group…

Once a group of fixture is activated, you need to disactivate that selection, or select another group…

To disactivate your last selection, press 0 (Zero) + Enter

If the programmer is empty, you can still use a preset as a selection tool, using this method:

  • Make sure there’s no active fixture selection
  • Press a preset. It should load that preset, to the Programmer. If it doesn’t, set Preset window property to Apply On Empty= On
  • Press dot (.) + Enter, to select all fixtures in the programmer (reactivate Programmer)