2D help

I’m new to Onyx and stuck at not being able to see any beams from the generic RGB or RGBA lamps in 2D, whatever angle I point them to. The beams are set to ‘on’ and it makes no difference the beam type or the angle of the lights. Also, how do I view the set up from a different vieupoint? Is the original from over the top? Thanks Nick

There is no beams for conventional or RGBW fixture. Only moving heads show beams on the 2D plan.
For the viewpoint, you place them as you like, but as it’s 2d, you can’t have a left, right, top, back views automatically created. You have to do it for every view.
I hope the team will improve, I’d like to be able to have the real position in meter for each fixture, it could be useful.

Many thanks for your help. Are there any programs that can be connected to Onyx that can give a 2/3D representation of all lights. I read of one but it has been discontinued. Nick

Many users suggest to use Capture, I tried it and yeah, that’s a good one. You can demo it, you just have 1 universe, and a limited fixtures library.
There have benn many topics about it on the Onyx facebook group, you’ll probably find something.

Many thanks. Out of my price range. I’ll check the facebook group.

This is currently what I use. Its not the greatest but its free, and works.

Also apparently with some help, MA3D works as well. I havent experimented with that yet, but plan to.