This version corrects a few reported items. It can be installed over 4.4.1186.


Please report back if these corrections work on your systems.

4.4.1188 (06/03/2020)

Fixed removing zones from patch sometimes interrupting pixel mapping on remaining zones
Fixed various (color) blinks when switching between (paused) video content and still images
Fixed inability to create folders in the “Onyx” show file location on a console
Fixed Onyx installer kicking in when launching the Onyx software as another user
Fixed DAX errors on shared memory not related to installer leftovers or incomplete software close
Fixed cleanup of data folders on uninstall
Fixed NX DMX and other USB DMX device labels in menu
Fixed using Art-Net sourced timecode for learning timing
Fixed NX4 desklight control via long menu-key press and NX4 profile

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Thanks for the speedy update! I’ve confirmed that the Art-Net timecode issue is fixed in this patch.


I am trying to stop the DAX error on three installations but cant get to 4.4.1188. Drop box says it isn’t shared anymore.


They may have taken it down because 4.4.1190 is now available.


Hope this helps,


Awesome thanks. Where are these updates being posted now. I went to the dropbox archive and couldnt find anything newer?


I saw this update posted on the facebook forum with a note saying it would hit the support site later this week. I also could not find the 1188 version which makes me think they haven’t (or won’t) post it in the archive.

Beta’s are usually posted on this forum and facebook first and then make there way to the offical support page once they are ready as a release.

Hope this helps,