4.4.11930 - Playback Buttons Master / Slave Bug

Changes to the run states of Playback Buttons containing chases is not updated on session slaves.

The master and slave devices are both on Onyx 4.4.11930.

On the slave side the orange triangle symbol for a running playback remains, even when the chase is released.

Over time the slave console playback buttons for chases all show running even when they are released.

These symbols can not be corrected by running release on the stuck symbols on the slave side.

This misinformation on the slave side makes it very difficult to use playback buttons for chases from the slave side.

Looks like Playback buttons that contain cues with macros are also showing the same problem, i.e., their run state is not updating on the slave side.

is this a visual bug only or do the chases run on the slave ?

It’s a visual bug, but makes it awkward to know where you are when runnig the show from the slave.