4.6 Maintenance Build 1227

Please update to the latest maintenance build which fixes some reported issues.

		Release Notes for Onyx
	(C) 2018-2022 - Obsidian Control Systems

4.6.1227 (16/03/2022)

Improved 2D rendering when zoomed out, dragging performance
Fixed alpha blending for (2-)preset mapping (breaking masks, etc)
Fixed applying brightness/contrast/saturation to opaque areas in effect mask image and text
Fixed applying absolute/relative color mode to effect slots (Color Effects and Keying always absolute)
Fixed 2D plan scaling for specific multi-part fixtures and selection for scaled fixtures
Fixed OSC support for assignable buttons of playback faders 11-20
Skip fixture with ID 0 (zero) from being imported (from CITP/Capture), which would be auto numbered and cause conflicts (Onyx starts numbering fixtures at 1)
Fixed touching a patch command in the “Commands” popup also being applied to the underlying grid cell (unintentionaly preparing another command)
Various fixes and improvements