accelerating/decelerating speed stop/start/pause pan/tilt effects

Hey all,

I’m a big fan of the console, its allowed me to do some pretty unorthodox effects. What I think would take effects to the next level would be 2 things:

  1. controls that allow you to momentarily ‘pause’ a fixture at different points in its cycle during the pan/tilt effect and pause for different periods of time including indefinitely until the next cue.

  2. the ability to program the rate of acceleration and deceleration of moving effects. It would add a more realistic movement to fixtures if they accelerated and decelerated. Think of a rubber band type of movement where the illusion of energy is being stored and then the fixture accelerates vs speeds up at a consistent rate and moves at a consistent rate. Yeah, there is cue timings that can be adjusted to mimic this movement, but that’s global whereas I would want individual control.

while I’m at it:

  1. pan/tilt effects that move through a shape and then reverse that movement after completing the shape

Thanks all, I look forward to creating lights with what you’ve brought in the lighting console. Keep making it better!