Artnet +32 U - Etherdmx question

Hello !

I have a couple of questions on networking, I can’t find a sure answer in the manual.

What version of Artnet Onyx uses, is it limited to 32 Universes ?

If it is limited to 32 universes, is it possible to Artnet In and sACN out over the same network ? Or should I use two different ethernet port for each protocols ?

Can I, like in MA, Unicast to multiple devices, specify IP addresses and which Universes to send to which node ?

And is it possible to choose the IP Address in Etherdmx mode ? Full Broadcast doesn’t seem to work on static IP Mode.

Thank you so much !


The next release of Onyx uses ArtNet version 4. No 32 universe limit.
In general you dont want to send two different protocols down the same network. You will want to keep them on separate ports. You can Unicast and set a static IP as well.


Thank you, that’s great to know about the Artnet Version in the next release !

So there is a way to bypass the etherdmx auto generated address ?

Whenever I tried to use a Static IP, only unicast worked . Broadcast wouldn’t even show up in artnetominator ( on another laptop ) in that mode.
But everything works right away in Etherdmx. ( weirdly enough, unicasting in static IP mode to worked a couple of times).

I know it should never be a problem in a subnet mask as we’d have quiet a lot of IP options .
But I just never figured out why Static IP doesn’t work with broadcast ?

Thank you !


There is not in release 4.4.1193. Artnet is locked to 2.x.x.x /255.0.0.
Release 4.6 changes this and removes the restriction (which was part of the original Artnet Specs)

That’s great news, thank you !!