at the moment only faders for playback 1-10?

is it right that in the moment(stable) the fader of a nx wing are only possible for playback 1-10 of each bank?
so if we swap with a double click in one of the buttons 11-20, the fader stay on 1-10.
what is the normal way to swap between 1-10 and 11-20 in the pb view of onyx?
becaus we think it could cause something on the playback buttons when we double click them.
will next release change this in any way?
will we get the pb 11-20 on the hardware fader?
and if so, will the osc address for the first fader and all buttons related to this on a wing, change then?
because we think at the moment there is only one fader id for all pb´s on first position, doesn´t matters what bank is selected!?
is this right?



The next release has a dedicated button to flip 1-10 and 11-20 and it will fully work with faders.
I do not know if this will work with OSC, I do not expect it to, the OSC targets the playback number, not the position.
You can try this in the beta release already.

will this also be possible with the nx touch?


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