Attribute selection window on Fade and Delay functions

Would it be possible to add a pop-up window like the Clear pop-up Window giving you the ability to pick attributes that are selected in the editor but are not active on the program control.

Example: cue x is loaded into the editor with dissimilar fixture attributes. User selects all fixtures by entering . enter on CLI to select all fixtures at this point there should be a method to be able to access all fixture attributes when attempting to assign a Fade or Delay value but current console behavior is if last selected fixture doesn’t contain i.e. P&T then you have no method of assigning a fade time to P&T without selecting a different fixture preset group.

This is an issue because sometimes you might want to edit a cue and make changes to timing for both intensity which is in all fixtures and p&t which isn’t in all fixtures so to make both changes you have to change up fixture group presets which are extra steps that really shouldn’t be required.

Suggestions: Pop-Up window like Clear button when Fade or Delay is pushed or after button push program control/CV temporarily shows all attributes available within the fixture selection.