Beginner MSD Fixture

Hello, what must I adjust with my lamps so I can control them in the 3D Visualizer with M-PC.
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I am from Germany and use MSD 6 Lite

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Hello Stephan,

Welcome to the MSD family.

In order to control your fixtures, you must change to the MSD 3D Visualizer module

Click this icon:

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Hello, I have another question. If I in the 3D Visualizer with my MH’s a point with Focus Beam. Can I save this then synonymous in M-PC? MSD and M-PC are connected to each other. But I can only see in MSD the movements I make about M-PC.

I’m sorry for my bad English.

Once MSD is started, click the connection buttons in the M-PC menu Add-ons

This is not what I mean. I already have the connection of M-PC and MSD. But if I put the MH’s in MSD on a position I would like to store this in M-PC.

If this is possible at all.

This is exactly what Paul told you to do…

Now you have one way communication

Doing what Paul said, enables dual way communication, so M-PC receive position values from MSD

Ok, now I understand it. It works now as I want it. Thanks for your help, you are great.