Beginner Problem

Hi There,
here are my questions…
can i use the actually fixtures inside the 3.50 M Series Version with MSD?
i have some chinese Fixtures and one of them is in there.(DAGE GE3319)
because there are no gobo’s whenn i use the programmer ???
sorry for the bad english…:slight_smile:


Welcome to the MSD family

M-PC does not share fixture profiles with MSD. You will need to find an MSD match, or request an MSD profile

One trick you can use, when looking for matching profiles, is using MPC Tools Fixture Finder

If several M-PC profiles found, for the same channel layout, you may find a matching MSD profile, with another name

Thanks for the info,
but whats about the gobo`s
in my matching profile are no gobo’s only the number?
you know what i mean?
there are no pictures in the profile.


Yes, I know. I made that profile…:wink:

Gobos are missing, because they where not provided by the manufacturer documentation

You are welcome to add, them, by modifying the profile, using the Profile Editor

oh yes i will try it in near future…
is there any conflict in MSD by showing these gobo’s without a picture
because i will by a license for MSD next time and will get sure that it works with my fixtures.

As mentioned, please send an MSD Profile Request

MSD Support team, will need to have those gobo bitmaps, otherwise, they can’t add them to the profile…

They will get back to you, with any additional info they need, to create the profile for you

Hi Ofer,
i got the wheels from the Faktory for the GE3319
maybe you can make a new Profile for the MSeries Library.
i would send to you,let me know your email.
best regards

So, let me say that again…

For any such profile matter, use the Profile Request form:

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