Bug - Netron DMX Monitoring View

Dear @ControllerSupport, @Matthias, @obsidiancontrol, @gert_leunen

I was working with our EN4. I was monitoring the DMX output on the ports and noticed that the value for the decimal was displaying correctly, but the percentage was off by 1%. Meaning that a decimal value of 2 should result in 1% (but was still showing 0%). As you increased the value it tracked all the way through to 98%. Then it jumped from 98% to 100% (Decimal 255). A decimal value of 252 should have equaled 99%, but again was still showing 98%.

The was observed using the ONYX parameter belts in both the percentage (in the scroll area) and decimal value (in the small box at the bottom) and on the output side with a DMX tester showing both value modes. Output appears to be correct, just displaying wrong on the internal DMX / sACN / Art-Net view monitoring.

Also, is ONYX suppose to see the Netron in the Ethernet devices list? I’m using it as an sACN node. But also understand that the software view is maybe configured for Art-Net devices only? Can it support both in the future?

Using the EN4 with DHCP automatic on a dedicated NIC card (also automatic) so it pulled a 192.254.x.y IP.
Firmware and Web version 2.2. Boot version 1.4

Hope this feed back helps. Appreciate all the hard work you guys put into the platform.


I’ll check the % translation on the Netron display.
sACN has no discovery system, so the devices do not show in ONYX. There may be an update to both Onyx and Netron devices for remote discovery and easier remote configuration eventually.


I guess I was thinking about my pathport nodes and there discovery, but that’s within there software. It would be nice if ONYX (or even the web interface) could gather all Netron Nodes down the road.

Thanks again,