Can't create DyLOS zones

I can’t create any DyLOS zones in the attached showfile. I was able to work with DyLOS in versions 4.6.1218 and prior. Can you tell me if there’s something wrong with the showfile?

I know I could create a new showfile, but I have some time invested in this one and would hate to start from scratch.

NoZonesForYou.OnyxShow (6.3 MB)

Hi Dave,

Just loaded your show file and I am facing the same issue. I created a new show file with 1219 and Dylos works there for me. So I think its something with your show file… :frowning:

Maybe its not going to be such a pain if you try using all the import and export features?

Sorry I couldn’t help.

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Hi Baltic_Sails. Thanks for giving it a go.

I wonder if a kind Obsidian soul would repair my showfile for me. :slight_smile: Pretty please?

Hello, could you please give this one a try: Baker Boys Sep 2021_2021-10-18_0943_Build_4_6_1219_0.OnyxShow (6.2 MB)? I was able to add a zone on the development track for our next service rollup, which I think includes a fix for the cause (although haven’t verified that yet)

Hello Gert. Thank you for repairing my show file. I was able to work with the zone you created and I was able to create my own zone and work with that.

This same problem happened to me with another show file and I think it must have happened to other people out there too. I’m glad that a fix will be in the next service rollup.

Thanks again for your help.