Chase BPM Rate Anomaly - Is There A Bug?

Hi Guys,

Having an issue with the “rate” setting under “Chase Options”.

I run my chase type cuelists at different bpm/speeds (Please see screen-shot below) depending on whatever look/feel I’m going for. The average BPM for my music is 125 - 133, however, a few chases I run over-speed (x 2 @ 260 BPM, x 4 @ 520 BPM) but mostly under-speed (1/2 @ 65 bpm, 1/4 @ 32 bpm…etc) so using Global Rate for all will not work.

Further more, I have 3 chase type cuelists that must run super slow or the floor mounted fixtures they control will “walk” out of position.
All that said to ask you this…

Q1 - Noticed in 2 out of 10 Onyx boot-ups the “Rate” parameter values (Under “Chase Options”) in some of the chase cuelists will be WAY (hundreds of BPM) off of where I saved them. Is this a known bug?

Q2 - Is there a more reliable way to set chase cuelists to different bpm rates?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Software Version: 4.4.1193.0
SHA-1 Build: 4.4.1192.0-10-g41a618c81

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