CLEAR button in the patch section

Hi to all!
I have a question related to the use of the “Clear” button in the patch window.
Why if I press first the “CLEAR” button, that certainly is a comand that is visualized also in the comand line, and then touch the TYPE or NAME or ADDR or UNIVERSE column, there is no “Error Message” ? like “Unknown Comand”.
why does it go to the "Swap ,Rename etc…?
I mean the first button press and Comand in the comand line was “Clear”, so a user must get a messagge like unknown comand in this case !
Cause the “Clear” is used in the patch only for unpatching ,and it should work only for that,all the rest should have an error message if the first button press is the “Clear”
thanx very much.

The patch assumes that you changed your mind, deletes the CLEAR command and replaces with the correct command (e.g. swap fixture, rename)
Its been designed like this for a long time, over 10 years.
Currently the commandline has no verification of commands being valid or not, this logic would have to be developed for it. This won’t be a high priority at this time but we can keep this in mind for a time where we are looking at Undo/Redo and a commandline history box.