Cloning not always working / anyone else?

Windows 8, 64 bit.
Has anyone else experienced the cloning not working the second time or after? It seems to work the first time after I add a new fixture but doesn’t seem to work in successive attempts to copy different fixtures to the same fixtures ( originally I tried to change the order of the cloning but found no change)

Just for clarification, are you trying to copy information from 2 different fixtures into the 1 new fixture at the same time? If so, you can only clone 1 fixture info into the new fixture. Any future clones would replace the first clone. Or are you saying that the “future” clone (to change the information all together) is failing?

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The future clone is failing.

I’ll try to restate it.

For example, at 5:00 pm I add new fixtures 2001-2015 and clone them from fixtures 1001-1015. Later I find that the FX is running through the fixtures in the wrong order because of of odd/even distribution, so I need to change the order of the cloning to copy from 1002-1016 instead. So at 5:15 I clone 2001-2015 from 1002-1016 but no change is visible. The odd/even FX appear to be executing in the same manner. In other words, copy fixture # @ fixture # subsequently stopped working somewhere along the lines, perhaps after the 1st successful clone.

Hey Truth,

I am cloning today on the latest Onyx release candidate and finding the same problem. I’m going to file a bug report :slight_smile:

EDIT: Bug report is here: Clone 2nd time Doesn't Work

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