Color or Tilt Channels Missing on Moving Bars

Hello there,

I have these generic moving head LED lightbars… they’re cheap but pretty cool. After searching the Onyx Fixture Finder for a bit, I found four profiles that fit these bars exactly. However, all four profiles seem not to have either tilt or color functionality available in Onyx’s pop-up channel menu.

The 4 profiles are:
HC Lighting > HC-928A
V-Show > VS-W0804
INVOLIGHT > MovingBar 1808

The first three don’t have the color channels and the last doesn’t have the pan channel in the pop-up menu. All my other fixtures seem to be working just fine.

Any ideas? Your assistance would be much appreciated.


If you have the Manuel or DMX Patch that comes with it, then upload that and request a new fixture here:

Or edit it your self using the built in fixture editor in Onyx.

Hi Max,

Thanks for your reply. The four fixture profiles listed above are identical to my DMX patch. They are all RGBW LED lights with a motion channel. They should all allow for control over both colors and motion. Yet I’m not seeing those functions, while the fixture profiles have these channels mapped. My last post descries the issue in more detail.

I am happy to fix these in the fixture editor, I just don’t know what I need to change to make it work.


As they are multihead fittings, ie. more than one group of colours, there will be a master fixture, and multiple head fixtures. For the first three I would say you only selected the master fixture, and the last one, you selected a head fixture. The Fixture ID will be say 10 for the master and then 10.1, 10.2, 10.3… for the colours.

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Genius!! Thank you russhart. That explains a lot. Now that I know that, I’m really enjoying that functionality.

Much appreciated. Have a great rest of your week.