Connecting via Wifi to Visualizer Computer because can't run M-Series and MSD Visualizer on

I wanted to find out if there was a way to be able to connect the 3d Visualizer with another PC on the same network via wifi.

I’ve given up trying todo this on the same computer even with dual Screens M-Series still runs slow.

I’ve tried this with 2 brand new and different laptops that I’ve tried to run the software off. As I’m writing this M-Series software is hanging because I have too many presets running in the program for the 3D visualizer to work. Than I have to go into task bar to close the program to try and get some control of my computer.

  1. Lenovo Y70 I7 Gaming laptop
  2. Lenovo Yoga I7
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You can run M-PC on one PC and MSD on another.
In that case the connection between M-PC and MSD is limited to DMX from M-PC to MSD via ArtNet or sACN.
That means that selection synchronization and the focus operation on MSD won’t work, because there is no way for MSD to send information back to M-PC.
sACN is probably the easiest to set up, for ArtNet you need to setup the network addresses in the 2.x.y.z range.

Hi Lighthouse,

Have you had any cases where you ran MSD and M-Series on the same computer without any lag issues using the program?

Hi Kevin!
I am programming stuff all the time in MSD and M-series on the same computer without any lag.
But it requires some computerpower, so it lags on my surface pro 3, but runs great on my Lenovo P50 laptop and of course on my desktop which has a radeon R9 390x card that still kicks ass.

Lag in MSD is often caused by the “wrong” graphics card being used, if you have not changed it, the standard in windows is the built in gpu, so change that if you have not already.

Put the shortcut for 3d vis on the desktop, rightclick, “run with graphicsprocessor” change standard processor and select Nvidia.
try it and let us know what happens.

Hey Kevin, I have a laptop with the same 960m GPU chip in it and I found that I had to go into the nvidia control panel to tell the laptop to use the 960m in MSD instead of the Intel on chip graphics. Doing so helped performance greatly. Not sure if that is what your running into but hope it helps.