Console getting laggy. Best ways to optimize showfile for fast response?

I’m running a fairly large show, alternating between two ways: 1.) on an NX4 running Standalone, or 2.) with the NX4 slaved via X-Net to a Intel NUC/NX-Wing acting as master. The NX4 is lagging on some commands, taking more than a second to display a response, update screens. Occasionally up to 2 or 3 seconds.

The showfile is about 213 MB, 4555 fixtures, 432 Groups, over 250 cuelists, about 500 presets, and a few largish videos in Dylos user library. I’m thinking I’d like to pare down the show, see if I can delete some of this stuff to get the console responding more snappy. Which areas are the most likely to be causing slow response? What should be my priorities to optimize the showfile be?

Thanks in advance!

I forgot to mention using about 35 universes, although they are spread out over 250, most of the stuff is patched below U 35 but there are example fixtures for cloning new additions, that are linked to the presets.

Please email us the showfile to
What version of SW?

Messaged you with link to showfile