Copying different cues into a new single cue

Hi to all!
Seems I can’t find a way when using the copy feature the only way it works only if edit!
want to copy cue 1+3 and store in a single new cue 6,with copy it creates 2 cues,the only way I found was edit first 1 then 3 then record at 6.
Please can you let me know if there are more ways to do this?
Thank you!

One way to do it is with Load. See “Loading a fixture with cue information”:

Select your cuelist.
Select the fixtures you want to Load from cue 1
‘Load @ Cue 1 Enter’
(before pressing Enter you can adjust specifically what to Load, if you want to, using the popup Load Options window)
Select the fixtures you want to Load from cue 2
‘Load @ Cue 2 Enter’
(again, filter what to load in the Load Options window before pressing Enter, if you want to)
Verify the combined look is what you want
‘Record @ Cue 6 Enter’

Granted, it’s a few more keystrokes than ‘copy cue 1 + 2 @ cue 6 [merge]’ would be (which I do like the idea of, for a quick and dirty “merge”) - but it also gives you more control over specifically what gets loaded/merged into the new combined cue and you get to see the combined cue before you record it so that you can be sure it’s as you want it.

See this Onyx training video on Load:
(around 1:36 he goes over Loading from a cue)

Watching a bit of that video made me realize a ‘copy cue X + Y @ cue Z [merge]’ (quick and dirty merge) would have to make a lot of assumptions about how you wanted to combine/merge the two cues:

Include Fx and Time or just Base values? (And same for both cues, or different for each?)
Include active or inactive fixtures from each cue? (And same for both cues, or different for each?)
If both cues contain some of the same fixtures and parameters, which value goes into the merged cue (the value from cue X, or the value from cue Y)?

The assumptions it made may not be the ones you want/expect, so you’d end up using Load to have more control and understanding of what was being merged into the new cue anyway. (Or the quick and dirty “copy [merge]” could give you a pop that allows you to make choices as to how to merge things from each of the cues… but then you’re essentially doing what is already available with Load.)

The assumptions would get even more impactful, and probably more confusing, when you want to “copy [merge]” more than two cues.

Just my random thoughts/opinions.