Creating Effects based off of Presets

I am trying to figure out if there is a way that I can create effects based off of presets instead of trying to figure out the math for them. As an example, if I wanted to create a color effect that the start point is red, and it fades to blue, in GrandMA I can just set the “Low” point as my red preset, and the “High” point as my Blue preset. Just curious if there is a similar way to go about doing things in this software, because as it stands, I am having a difficult time figuring out how the color effects work.


As far as I know, and I hope to get an answer for this as well, the only way is to set up a chase or cuelists that does what you want. So I would make cue 1 red preset and cue 2 as the blue one then set a date time to work with my vision on timing. The only other way I can see this happening is take off fx link and fade red down (through FX) at the same rate as blue up (also through FX) but it would not use any presets and make sure your speeds are the same and your curve directions are opposite.