Cuelist/Fader sometimes "sticks" when being adjusted

Not entirely sure how else to word the title, or if it even makes since.

I have a row of cuelist faders on the M1 set up to control the intensity of individual lights. These cues are set up as regular cuelists.

They work great for our usage but sometimes they seem to “stick” while adjusting - in other words, sometimes the fader will be at 0% (or some other percentage, just an example) but the cuelist will actually be stuck at 50% (or some other percentage, just another example :slight_smile: ). Basically, it’s the same effect if the faders have been switched to a different bank, and the faders have been switched to a new percentage, and then switched back to the original bank. The lights blink, and the fader will only respond if the fader is moved back to the position that the console says the cuelist is at.

What’s interesting is that this happens only occasionally, as if the console can’t “keep up” with the position of the fader. My question is - is there a way to “force” the cuelist to always be the percentage the fader is at?


why make them cue list if the are intensity only on individual lights. I would make them a submaster or possibility a over ride depending on what I am doing.

If you want to leave as a cue list make it a higher priority

I tried updating the priority of all the cue lists to 100% and this seems to have fixed my issue for now, although I haven’t done extensive testing, it only happens during a busy show so I may be wrong.