Custom OSC Layout


So I recently started on my own OSC layout for M-PC, and I finished it yesterday so i just wanted to share it.
I made this file from scratch but i used Martin Professionals OSC layout to get all ID’s for buttons, faders and etc.

Here are some pictures of my OSC layout.


All Pages:
On all pages in the upper right corner you got your Clock, Battery, Refresh Button and your Device Space number.

"Main" Page:
Faders: There is 10 master faders wich corresponds to the Main Playback.
Buttons: There are 20 buttons to use with the Main Playback. The button on top of the fader inside the orange barrier is your Select button while the one under the fader is your Flash button.
If you haven’t noticed there are 30 extra buttons inside the blue barrier wich are Playback buttons for Playback Page 98. All those buttons are Toggle buttons, just to keep that in mind.
Grandmaster: There is a Grandmaster fader and button, the button is a kind of flash thought it wont go back to the fader value so if you use the “Flash” button make sure you drag the fader up agian to update the fader value.

"Playback Buttons" Page:
Buttons: There are 76 Playback Buttons on this page. All buttons are in a toggle mode and are on Playback Page 99.
Function Buttons: There are 8 Function Buttons on this page. They are normal so assign anything for them in M-PC.

"Program" Page:
Keypad: There is a Keypad wich works as you expect it to do.
Parameters: (Orange) There is 4 encoder wheels to do your positions, intensity and so on with. In the upper right corner you got another box (orange) wich lets you pick what your encoders are going to do.
Effect Parameters (Blue) There are 4 other encoders above the other encoders wich are used to create effects. And agian in the upper right corner there is another box (blue) Wich lets you decide what your effect parameters are going to do.

Workspace / Layout:
If you feel like needing a 2D for the Playback Buttons I made one.
Here are the pictures of them:

So if you feel like getting those two 2D layouts they are in the downloaded folder with the OSC file.

Using the 2D:
So when you downloaded the file go to M-PC > Menu > Load-Save > Workspaces > Merge. After that pick the 2D file that you downloaded with OSC and then you left click on your sidebar and select “OSC Main” or “OSC Playback Buttons” Just make sure all playback numbers are corresponding to the OSC layout on your Ipad.

Google Drive: Click Here

If you need further support please ask the community, I will answer questions that are about the OSC file itself but not how to install this, there is a guide here if you need help. If this didn’t help you ask the community please.

I really hope you enjoy this file and please leave suggestions if you want more functions or something.

Greetings from Sweden! :slight_smile:
//Martin Hedström (@Hedsma)


Hi ! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us =)


No problem! @Sylvain_Guiblain

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