Dylos Playback buttons not working correctly

Hey gang
Ive been having a problem with what seems to be a Dylos Glitch. So my ultimate goal is to have a button which bumps some of the fixture within an active Dylos zone. To do this I create a normal bump button but then have it bring the Dylos zone 1 INT down to zero as part of the parameters in that cue.
Now any time I use a playback with Dylos @ 0% it first brings the INT up to 25% for a split second which cuases everything in the Dylos zone (almost the whole rig on certain stages) to flicker whatever color/INT the dylos was showing. This happens EVEN IF the Dylos fader was already at zero and no Dylos is being output. the end result is that any organic look that the Dylos nets me is immediatly counteracted but what looks like a malfunction across the whole stage.
I have dobule checked that there arent any FX values on the DYlos zones but nothing seems to work, even rerecording the buttons. Can someone help or has anyone else run into this problem. Dylos was a huge reason to stick with Onyx but this is a pretty big obstacle for my application.

What version of Onyx are you running?