Edited or Changed Custom Fixtures Don't Change when Patching

Screen Cast of Problem

I don’t know if this is a bug, but here’s what I did and what happened.

  • Create new fixture in the fixture editor.
  • By mistake, I made a 4 channel fixture instead of 4 1-channel fixtures. It’s a dimmer pack with 4 channels, one for each outlet. Seems like it’s easier to treat each dimmer outlet as its own generic single channel fixture.
  • I patched 4 fixtures which occupied a total of 16 channels in the Universe.
  • I edited the fixture in the fixture editor and removed channels 2-4, leaving only Intensity on channel 1.
  • Onyx forced me to create a new fixture with a (2) behind it.
  • I deleted the original fixture and renamed the new one, removing the (2) in the name.
  • The fixture did not update and remained patched. Fair enough.
  • I unpatched all 4 fixtures that were showing as 4 channels each and re-patched the new 4 fixtures with the new single intensity setting.
  • Onyx recreated the 4 fixtures each with 4 channels, using up 16 channels again.

How can I get rid of the reference to the deleted fixture so the new informatin patches through correctly?

I have already “Cleared Patch History.” The question is, when is the right time to clear it, and should it be cleared to solve the problem in the first place?



There’s a no real need, for such multi part profile… Simply patch as many Generic Channels, as needed

If you’re still after a 4 channel multi part profile, simply use the Generic MultiChannel (4) profile:

FYI, current Profile Editor, does not support multi part profiles. If needed, use the Profile Request form, on the Onyx Support page.

Unused profiles in Patch, are automatically removed on next Onyx launch

Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support