Editing a cue in a cuestack

Please have a look at this feature it’s a bit weird to have this type of thing happening during a theater show.
First of all this is the situation: cue playing during the show and needs to be edited immediatly ,as my second action ,I need to be able to go to my next cue respecting all times fades and delays.
So why after the edit action on the the current cue that is out and playing live,if I hit “go” “THE CUE IS REPLAYED” ? Matthias eplained to me that this ia a"Reassert feature".
Ok let’s suppose it is, why do I need to hit again play and then another play to go ahead to next cue? this is time waisting but most of all very dangerous,expecially if I need to go to my next cue !
Why does it always "trigger "the already edited cue? .The behaviour should be once edited and cue automaticly “Reasserts itself” if I hit play it should go to the next cue,not ritrigger again itself!
Thanx to all.

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…we also think that this should be the best behaivior…