Fx engine, broken fluorecent on led stripe

Hi, i am new with Onyx anh here in forum. I have a problen and i hope thats the richt place/topic for it. I have to create an“ broken fluorecent“ effect with a led stripa. I mean a kind of random strobe with different output levels abd speed. It also has to stay dark inbetween and then tryin to start the light again. I hope you know what i mean and can give me some tips cow to create a effect like this

My recommendation would be to create a chase with ~5 cues. Use the FX engine to create the different styles and rates of flickering - as well as your “full black” look, and record each style as a separate cue within the chase. In the options for the chase, set the direction to “random”, and the tempo to whatever looks best. With a little bit of tweaking, you should be able to get the look you’re hoping for! :slight_smile:

Of course, if the FX engine had a “flicker” wave style, that would make this process a lot easier… oh well! :smile: