FX path directions

Hey! I’m still getting up to speed on Onyx (with and NX wing) and am wondering if there’s a way to change the direction in which an FX moves through a group of fixtures.

For example, I have a group of 9 pars oriented in a 3x3 filled square. I can make an intensity FX move left->right or right-> left across the group of fixtures, but not up/down, diagonally, or radially.

Is there a way to do with within the FX engine, or can I only accomplish this by changing the order i select the fixtures in the group?

I’m also using a lot of LED pixels on this show, and would like to avoid using a DYLOS zone if possible.


A way to achieve that would be using the grouping tools. If you can’t see the menu, it is accessible in the views tab or in the grouping tab of the FX.
If you want to make the 3x3 matrix fade from left to right, you could use group fan FX every 3 to have three sets of identical effects across every three fixtures.
For vertical fades you could use fax block FX of 3, where three fixtures unify as a single entity and you practiaclly control 9 lights as 3.

There is a difference between normal grouping and grouping with FAN/FX. Use FAN/FX grouping for what you want to achieve.
Note: You need to apply a wave effect too after you have selected a grouping tool to make changes visible.
You could then inverse effects by changing the mode in the main effect panel to change direction of the effect.

I don’t know how you would solve a radial animation.

Try around a little and let me know how far you come.



Thanks for the info Yannic! I was able to use the FX grouping to get a vertical wave, but the diagonal and radial ones are still not quite where I’d like them to be.
I can get it close by changing the FX wave value and using Mirror fanning.

I’ve been working with Avolites for years, which has a direction function in the FX engine and was hoping for an analog in Onyx.

I’ll keep poking around to see if I can get it working, and will let you know what happens!