Global Speed Fader

Since a short time, I try the Obsidian Onyx Lightcontrol software. As hardware, we have a smart windows PC, a touchmonitor and a DMX Node by Botex. I use the software for smaller events, upto 1000 people and mainly use static LED lights, especially stripblinder by stairville. I like the software. With a bit time its easy find ones way. But I have one big problem. When I create an effect, then I can adjust the speed there. But I don´t find any possibility to say, hear to the speedmaster 1 or something like that. At the Dot2 from MA it was easy to say this for an effect. I find it very hard, when I have 5 effects and can´t easily change the fx-speed. Or do you have the opportunity for a tap?

Select all the fixtures you want to control the speed for, then go to FX and set “speed” parameter to Max. Store that information to a Main playback fader, set cuelist type to “Override” and clear the programmer.

Now, when you move the playback fader, the effect speed on all (previously) selected fixtures changes as you move that fader.

thanks for you’re fast respond. Do I have the change to use a Tap either, or is it only possible with the fader?

Onyx does not natively support TapTempo for FX speed unfortunately.

However, if you use ShowCockpit I’ve written a script that does exactly that (in this script I’m using a playback button for the TapTempo effect, but it could be configured in ShowCockpit to execute the script from any kind of MIDI-button, Keyboard button, Stream Deck button e.t.c):

(it changes the playback fader value on each tap - which means that you can easily override it by just moving the fader)

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Great workaround. Can you send me the script I’m interested please

How can i get the script